Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bush Hatred

I'm no big supporter of President George Walker Bush. I did not vote for him in 2000 (I voted for Pat Buchanan). I did vote for Bush in 2004, but there wasn't any choice. He was pro-life and promised to appoint conservatives to the Federal courts (A promise he has kept.). I bitterly disagree with his big spending policies and his big government programs (especially Medicare Part D). Plus, I do not think we should be fighting in Iraq. As an old rightist (philsophy, not age) , I think we should not be involved in any foreign affairs other than to protect the national security of the United States.

Nevertheless, I do NOT hate Bush. I have been in politics since I was ten years old--the 1960 Presidential campaign. With the exception of Nixon in his last year of office due to Watergate, I have never seen such hatred against a President than I have seen against Bush. Not even Reagan (My hero) faced such vile hatred. Yet Bush is more of a liberal than Reagan ever dreamed of. Bush can spend those Federal dollars. In fact, Bill Clinton was a tightwad compared to Bush. Yet the left goes bonkers in hatred over Bush.

Right now, a movie is being produced on the assassination of President Bush. The left-wing moonbats passionately hate the man. I know liberals who literally foam at the mouth if you say ANYTHING good about Bush. For laughs, I read some liberal publications. Believe me, they hate Bush with a vile passion. These moonbats would literally rejoice if Bush were killed.

I know there were conservatives who hated ex-President Bill Clinton. But there were none in the conservative movement who advocated his assassination. Conservatives hated his policies, but couldn't hate the guy. Look, I didn't like his policies and I thought he was a shameless womanizer and liar. But I actually LIKED the guy. He seemed like a fun fellow. He would have made a good fishing buddy.

I'm really sick and tired of the Bush hatred and the Bush-bashing. To have a movie on Bush's assassination is a sick low blow. These people shouldn't be in politics. They should be in a nuthouse and fed underneath the door. They are sick.