Monday, April 30, 2007

Races I Will Follow

This was a very busy tax season so I did not do much blogging. During the next three months of the primary season, I will cover the following races:

1. Lt. Governor. I'll make no bones about it: I am supporting State Senator Charlie Ross for the post. I think Phil Bryant is dumber than my box turtle Pokey Jo. I also think Ross is a lot more conservative than Bryant. At least Ross stands by his principles. If this were Nazi Germany, Bryant would be singing the "Horst Wessel". Ross would be fighting the Nazis.

2. Chancery Clerk. This race is mainly between Mitch Childre and Larry Swales. I will be doing all I can for Mitch. (There is a third candidate, Kirk McDaniel, but I don't think he'll be a major player.) I have known Mitch for twenty years and I can tell you he will do a good job and serve the people. Swales will serve his ego and his Reservoir buddies.

3. State Auditor. Because I'm a CPA, this is one race I'm interested in. I am hoping Mike Sumrall will be the Democratic nominee. He has the experience and will do a good job running the agency. He will have a tough race. If he should win the primary, he'll have a very tough race in the general election.

Obviously, there are other races and I will comment on them. I'm hoping Cliff Brown will be elected State Senator, but I'm not all that familiar with his race. I don't live in that district. (I do find it strange that no Democrat qualified for the race.). My commentary will be limited on that race. I would like to see Lee Yancey get elected as State Senator in District 20 (Again, no Democrat qualified for that race.). Lee is an individual of impeccable integrity and has been a lobbyist for the Christian Action Commission of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board. He would be ideal as a State Senator for people who want a fighter and is one of the "little guys." And in the PSC--Central race, I hope Pearl Mayor Jimmy Foster is the GOP nominee and is elected in November. He's done a good job as mayor. His opponent, Charles Barbour, has been a county supervisor in Hinds County and has done a poor job. Talk radio has had fun blasting four of the five supervisors, Barbour being one of them.

May is just a day away. I better get out my old diaries and inform you what a louse Phil Bryant really is. It'll be a fun three months.