Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why I'm Voting for Harold Taylor

I will be the first to tell you I don't agree with the Libertarian Party (LP) on a lot of things. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for the Republican or Democratic candidates. Senator Trent Lott and State Rep. Erik Fleming leave a lot to be desired.

Sen. Lott is no conservative. He can spend those Federal dollars like it's going out of style. That $700 million railroad crossing near a gambling casino is just too much. He may be conservative on the social issues, but not on economic issues. He'll bankrupt the government for Katrina relief efforts.

Erik Fleming, like Lott, is pro-life and pro-gun. He's also in favor of pulling out of Iraq ASAP, which I agree. But he wants to spend money for universal socialized medicine and other big government schemes. I can't vote for him.

Harold Taylor wants to reduce government and get out of Iraq. I'm not in favor of legalizing hard drugs and I'm vehemently opposed to abortion. But his positives far outweigh his negatives. He's far better than Lott or Fleming.

Taylor doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Key West in July. But at least he's got principles and is willing to stand up for them. Lott will sell out his beliefs for Federal dollars. Plus his dive during the Clinton impeachment hearings was despicable. Fleming would give voting rights to convicted criminals. If you are a principled conservative, you're only vote is for Taylor.

As for Congress in the Third District, I'm not voting for Pickering or Giles. My box turtle Pokey Jo has more brains than the two of them put together. I'll just leave it blank.

How sad this is the best we can do. I think Jim Hightower said it for me thirteen years ago when he said, "A third party? It would be great if we had a second party." I guess when God created politicians, He created many of them to be lamebrained idiots.


Frank James (not the killer) said...

I respect Charles Pickering SR. but his boy does not make the grade. I also agree with you about the great cheer leader Lot. I will write in the name "None Of The Above" in both races. I must admit that if Pickering were on the bubble I would vote for him just to keep Pelosi from being speaker but since Chip is not in danger he will not get my vote.

Cliff Brown said...

I just have to know your opinion of the recent election. I am mildly disappointed but not surprised. I saw it as a cleansing of our party. Was there any fraud in Rankin County that you know about. I admit that the only name on my ballot that I really wanted to vote for was Richard Redfern. I placed a post on my blog to be used as an open forum to talk about the election. You are invited.