Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm For Cliff Brown

I got blasted by comments from my last post. For the record, I would support Cliff Brown if I lived in that district. Brown is a solid conservative and an honorable person. I would be proud to have him as my state senator (Dean Kirby is my state senator and he has done a great job.).

I will be the first to tell you I am not familiar with the politics of other counties--including Simpson County. This is why I welcome comments from readers in other counties. I know Perry Lee's district extends outside of Rankin County and Rankin County is just a small portion of that district.

I was not aware of Lee's background and his voting record on all the issues. If he is from the county club wing of the GOP then we don't need him. From what I have read from the comments, he's out of touch with the little guy.

I apologize to all those I offended. I guess I'm not familiar with local politics outside of Rankin County and it showed. I had no idea there was so much disenchantment with Sen. Lee.

For the record, I definitely do NOT want Cliff Brown to lose and the article was not written to convey I wanted him to lose. I was pointing out the difficulty of throwing out an incumbent. I also pointed out the issues where the incumbents are vulnerable. I hope on August 7Th (providing there is no Democratic opponent) I can call Cliff Brown "Senator Brown."


True Elephant said...

I was just about to give you an ear full about your last post but it looks like some ine already did. You have made it more clear and I thank you.

My only fear now is that a Perry Lee band wagon has been created. Folks around here tend to vote more for who they think will win instead of who they want to win.

Cliff Brown said...

It looks like some of my fans stood up for me. I am glad to have fans. I actually agree with some of what you said. It is an up hill fight to throw out a well financed and connected incumbent (especially a country club type). If it had not been for some freshman mistakes Perry made, my race might be only a test of incumbent strengh.

Like one of my defenders said, Perry lee is on the ag committee. I do not think he was stained by the cull cow plant because he was not in the senate when the wheels started turning. I might could say that as a county agent he should have known and raised flags, but I do not want to point such a hard finger with out a smoking gun. The fact that he was recruted to run against Dr. Spell might mean he is clean on that issue.

It is hard to know what political problems were blown in by the huricane. I lost part of the roof on my Mendenhall store and had some water damage which makes me part of the club. Perry Lee turned his attention to the people on the coast instead of his own district. People know that the coast was hit harder that us so I don't know how that will play.

The big issue is the cigarette tax. Perry voted to uphold the veto of a bill he actually voted for. I will not let him or the voters forget that. Another thing he will not forget is the fact that he wrote the bill to create a new tax on peanuts.

Before the last census Dean Kirby was my senator. I told him that I wanted to run for senate but not against a fellow conservative. I said that if I find myself in the same district as Rob Smith I would run. I got in the race last time expecting to Run against Smith but they did a liberal switch. I was not as ready for that race as I am now.

I have heard a lot of grumbling about Perry Lee but a lot of it comes from people not likely to vote in a Republicn primary. The fact that the sheriff race in Simpson County will not have an interesting democrat primary might allow more dems to switch parties but I cannot count on that.

I thank you for the kind words. I understand why it is hard to keep up with local issues out side of Rankin County. My district is in parts of four counties but all of none so that is another challenge. Please visit or click on the photo in this comment and follow it to my blog.

Keep in touch.

Bible Thumper said...

I am glad to see you are supporting Cliff Brown. I read his issues page several months ago and knew who I would vote for as soon as I read his comment on abortion. Just to be fair I searched for any thing written either by or about Perry Lee and other that oficial state sites I found nothing. I eventually ran across a news paper story about the senators who flip flopped on the tobbaco tax but I had already decided. How can an incumbent senator and 30 year county agent never have an opinion about any thing other than farming?

I even asked a local farmer I know in Mendenhall about Perry Lee and was told quickly that Perry Lee does not consider gardeners and part time farmers to be important. He only listens to full time professional farmers.

Cliff Brown is the right choice.


Cliff Brown just posted the announcement he plans to use for the newspapers. Check out his blog. I bet you will like that one.

Frank James (not the killer) said...

It looks like our friend Cliff is in hot legal water again. I just saw what he posted on his blog and cannot believe it. Actually I do believe it and do not like it. We should pray for him.