Saturday, June 09, 2007

Phil Bryant--Liar Extraordinaire

Perhaps you watched "Star Trek--The Next Generation" constantly as I did. In one episode, Lt. Worf was asked by Picard to help a Klingon. Worf protested. When Picard asked him why, Worf replied, "He is without honor."

That could easily apply to Phil Bryant. In 1991, he was running a tough race for State Representative against incumbent Democrat Frances Savage. As treasurer of the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee, I made sure he got a good contribution for his campaign. As we all know, he defeated Savage by a good margin.

On November 6th, the day after the election, I called the victors who had contested races. I congratulated all of them and told them I'd be glad to help them so long I was on the RCREC. I talked to Phil Bryant around 2:20PM CST. I asked him for his support for another term on the RCREC. I didn't know the exact day of the county convention, but I knew it was right after tax season. Phil Bryant said almost word-for-word, "You have my promise you have my support. I want all the officers on the RCREC re-elected." (By the way, I do NOT record telephone calls. But I do take copious notes.)

In politics, a man's (I use that term in the generic sense.) word is his bond. When a politician gives me his word, I expect him to keep it. If he can't, then he should come right out and tell me. There are times when I've had to tell a candidate I cannot support him and give him the reason(s) why. But I will not lie to him and tell him I will support him when I won't.

Phil Bryant lied to me. On April 18, 1992, the Rankin County Republican Party had it's quadrennial convention at the Rankin County Courthouse. He was working hard and telling people from the Reservoir and Castlewoods to get rid of the present RCREC. He was doing all he could to make certain I was defeated. Indeed, he walked near where I was sitting and telling one of his friends how to vote. I overheard what he was saying and I was hot. What a two-faced low-life. Obviously, I was defeated. Pearl and the rural areas could not defeat the Reservoir, Castlewoods and Crossgates axis.

Nobody likes to lose. But that's life in politics. Charlie Ross was elected permanent chairman of the convention over acting chairman David Jefcoat by a 95-66 vote. So why am I not at all bitter towards Charlie Ross? Indeed, we are still friends. Simple. He never lied to me. He worked against me and that's politics. He never promised to support me. He won and that's that.

I know Charlie Ross is not charismatic or as handsome as Phil Bryant. But there is something called honor and integrity. You have to look a person in the eye and when you give him your word, you go all out to keep it. Charlie Ross is an honorable man. Perhaps Lt. Worf knew Phil Bryant when he said, "He is without honor."

This is not the last post on Phil Bryant. I'll go into details what a bully he is. I also downloaded the PEER Report on the performance of the State Auditor's office. I'll be commenting on that. It's bad enough he's a two-faced liar. It's also bad when he's a bully and an incompetent in running a state agency.


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