Saturday, July 21, 2007

Phil Bryant--Wasting Taxpayers' Money

Much has been said about the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. Phil Bryant, the so-called exemplar of conservatism, was on the board of Mike Moore's brain child. Bryant was coming up with all sorts of liberal ideas to waste the taxpayers' money.

Bryant had no qualms about twenty million dollars a year being diverted to an unaccountable private organization. Mike Moore created the PHM, appointed himself chairman and cut an illegal deal with a local Chancery Court Judge to fund it with the taxpayers' money. Bryant had no objections to that.

Consider what the PHM spent the money on:

1. Lobbyists to pressure State Legislators.
2. Highly questionable contributions to the Legislative Black Caucus.
3. Paid political ads.

NO AUDITS WERE BEING PERFORMED BY THE STATE AUDITOR!! The PHM had no accountability. One hundred million dollars of taxpayer money was illegally diverted to this non-profit. Bryant was on the Board and never once did he think of auditing the PHM.

The late Gov. Kirk Fordice, Bryant's hero and the one who appointed Bryant to the State Auditor's post, started the battle against the questionable funding mechanism for the PHM. It was Gov. Barbour and State Treasurer Tate Reeves who finished the fight. Whether or not you like Fordice and Barbour, at least they were fiscal conservatives. Bryant is a fiscal liberal and will waste the taxpayers' money if he can.

Mississippi can't afford to have Phil Bryant as Lt. Governor.


John Leek said...

What were the "paid political ads"?

I remember a lot of anti-tobacco advertising, but nothing that ever mentioned candidates or advertising.

Wyatt Roberts said...

John, I don't know what Rankin County Supervisor's district you're in, but you may want to check out the web site for Kevin Langford (my cousin), a supervisor candidate in District One. It's

Like myself, he's a conservative Christian and running in the Republican primary on August 7.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you that I'm also his campaign manager. In any case, I got to reading your blog and thought you might find his candidacy of interest.

elizabeth15 said...

Charlie Ross is himself a smoker. Maybe that is why he is so against a tobacco cessation program like the Partnership.