Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Commercial Franks Should Run on TV

There is no doubt Franks can win on the issues, especially the sales-tax-on-groceries issue. Here is a TV commercial I would love to see.

On the TV are the large cedar doors of a fashionable country club. The narrator intones:

"These are the doors of a very fashionable country club. After a tough morning of playing polo, eating filet mignon and lobster for lunch and drinking Chivas Regal, Phil Bryant is meeting with his country club buddies and rich campaign donors. They are discussing the big income tax cuts Phil is going to propose for them and opposing the sales tax cut on groceries for us little people. Phil doesn't care about us. Elimination of the grocery sales tax would give us more money so we could buy school supplies and clothes for our children.
"We working people can't get in a country club. We're too busy working for a living. That's why we're backing Jamie Franks. Our kind of man. Our kind of Lt. Governor."

Please vote for Jamie Franks. One of the working people for all of us working people.

Just a thought. But I think it would be a very effective ad. I've been in campaigns before and even managed (winning) one.


elizabeth15 said...

Seriously, where do you get your ideas? Phil Bryant, a rich man???

He is a working man, more of one than Jamie Franks. Phil worked his way through Hinds Community College and through USM. He worked for years as a deputy sherriff and then as an arson investigator. I doubt any deputy sherriff you asked would say a deputy sherriff's salary is enough to label someone rich. Now Phil serves the poeple of Mississippi under a public servant's salary. He is not rich.

Mr. Franks on the other hand is a trial lawyer. Trial lawyer is synonymous with rich. Need I say more?

Jamie Franks on the other

JOHN said...


I NEVER said your god Dewey was rich. NEVER have I written that. However, he does like to suck up to the rich like a blowfish in heat. And he supports whatever they want.
You can yammer all you want how poor he was and middle-class he is. But the truth is he's a lapdog to the country club set.
Why don't you read what I write instead of shooting off your computer?