Monday, January 14, 2008

Charlie Ross for Congress

In my opinion, there are four main candidates for the GOP nomination (and hence, election) for the Third Congressional District: They are John Rounsaville, David Landrum, Gregg Harper and Charlie Ross.

Let's look over those four candidates and their qualifications.

John Rounsaville worked for the USDA, so he's very knowledgeable about agricultural issues. That means a lot in this state. Also, he knows his way around the Third District. But other than that, he has no outstanding qualifications for Congress.

Gregg Harper has no political experience other than being the chairman of the Rankin County GOP. Now Rankin County is one of the most Republican counties in the state. He has raised a lot of money for the county and the state GOP. But other than that, what qualifies him to be a Congressman? I think he's running so he can get his name out to the public so he'll have a lot of name recognition when he runs for Dean Kirby's State Senate seat when he decides to retire.

David Landrum is a nice guy and a shrewd businessman. He's also spending the big bucks on TV advertising (If you haven't seen any of his TV commercials, you've been in hibernation.). But what qualifications does he bring to the race? He can make big bucks. Wow. Do you want a Congressman who bought the race?

Charlie Ross was once a State Representative and a State Senator. He accomplished a lot when he was a State Senator. He helped push through tort reform and the Castle Doctrine. He had a perfect pro-life record in the State Legislature. He had the HIGHEST pro-business BIPEC rating in the State Senate. He is exceptionally intelligent and a very hard worker. He's not a show horse but a workhorse.

Charlie Ross also knows his way through the Third District. He ran for Lt. Governor last year and received 43% of the vote. He was considered one of the most conservative candidates to run for office. The other candidates talk about how conservative they are. Well, all that is great. But Ross has the record to show for it.

On March 11th, please vote for Charlie Ross for Congress. We don't need any pretty boys or show horses. We need a workhorse like Charlie Ross.

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