Thursday, January 17, 2008

Utilities, Light Bulbs and Ron Paul

You are probably looking at the title and wondering, "Huh?" But they are all interconnected and explains the reason why I am gung-ho for Ron Paul to become the Republican nominee for President.

In California (where else?) the utility companies are coming up with a method to remotely control YOUR thermostat in a time of emergency. This will be done to new homes that are being built or are being remodeled. You will have NO control over your thermostat. There is no clear-cut definition as to what an "emergency" is. This could be the start of "Big Brother" as far as utility companies go. Talk about big government.

On a prior post, I wrote about the switch from incandescent to CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. By 2012, all 100-watt bulbs must be CFL bulbs. But here is the problem: The CFL bulbs have six times the mercury that is considered unsafe. In Maine, a CFL bulb broke in a residence. The homeowner called the Maine EPA and asked what was to be done, since it was considered a hazardous material. The Maine EPA said they could clean up the broken bulb---FOR $2000. Can you believe it? How are you dispose of the bulb when it burns out? When you get the answer, you can rest assured it will be more government hassles rammed down your throat.

So what does this have to do with Ron Paul? Government is becoming so intrusive and expansive that it is raiding our very private lives. What business is it of the government if we use incandescent light bulbs rather than CFLs? What gives a utility company the right to control my thermostat because of government fiat? Ron Paul thinks such stuff is an outrage. And where are the other Republican candidates to comment on these questions? I hear crickets chirping.

I have never seen such stupidity as this. We have the government telling us how many gallons a toilet must flush in our homes. We have the government telling us what temperature to set our thermostats. We have the government telling us what light bulbs to use. When will this nuttiness end?

This is why I am for Ron Paul. He is in favor of limiting government as to what the U.S. Constitution says it should do. Less government, more responsibility---and with God's help---a better nation.

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