Monday, August 06, 2007

Please Vote for Charlie Ross for Lt. Governor

Tomorrow is Election Day. The vote for Lt. Governor is the most important statewide vote in the GOP primary. There are two candidates running: State Senator Charlie Ross and State Auditor Phil Bryant.

Charlie Ross is a man of uncompromising honor and integrity. You will always know where he stands. He may be a boring speaker and has a shy, retiring personality. However, what he says makes sense and he knows what he is talking about. He is also a very intelligent man. Plus, he gave up some good years of his life to serve his nation in the Armed Forces. He has the ability to get along with ordinary people and with his fellow State Senators.

And then we have Phil Bryant. Bryant is a good stump speaker and is pretty (He probably gets his hair coiffed at Monique's.). But that's about it. I had the experience of serving with him on the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee and I had first-hand experience in dealing with him. He is vain, egotistical, vindictive, thin-skinned, petty, hot-tempered and a liar. He has no political principles except those that will advance his political career. If this were Vermont, Charlie Ross would still be a conservative and probably suffer the political consequences. But Bryant would make Howard Dean look like a flaming right-winger. Bryant's sole goal is himself and his name in lights. As Worf would say on "Star Trek--the Next Generation": He is without honor.

Tomorrow, vote for a man of honor and a candidate who has ALWAYS been a conservative. Please vote for Charlie Ross.


John Leek said...

We'll see if your man wins today. I'm interested to see if his momentum came soon enough.

marlin said...

I'm not sure an election commissioner should be publicly endorsing a candidate. Especially in such a passionate manner. What do I care; my candidate won.

JOHN said...

Marlin, I am a CITY election commissioner. I am not allowed to endorse ANY city candidates or get involved in any of their campaigns--period. Indeed, I am not even allowed to talk about any city candidate running for office. I have ALWAYS adhered to that rule. But as far as county, state and Federal elections are concerned, I can do as I please. If I were a county election commissioner, you would be correct.

elizabeth15 said...

You have no right to call Phil all those vile things. I have known him forever!!! My father worked in his office!!! PHIL IS ONE OF THE NICEST MEN I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of the sort of thing you are writing about Phil, which is the sort of thing Charlie focused his campaign on--negativity--, Charlie lost. Maybe you and Charlie should learn from your mistakes and play nice next time.