Thursday, August 02, 2007

Phil Bryant Is No Conservative

Phil Bryant has been stating how great a conservative he has been. Has he? Let's take a GOOD LOOK at him. Here are my reasons he is no conservative:

1. He has served on the liberal Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. For years he was on the Board of Directors of this group that spent money on some liberal causes. This PHM was former State Attorney General Mike Moore's brainchild.
2. He started out his political activity as a pro-abortion advocate. When he ran against Frances Savage in 1991, he suddenly became pro-life. The Mississippi Right to Life spotted a phony when they saw one and gave their endorsement to Charlie Ross.
3. Charlie Ross got the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. What a shock. Bryant was not a person 2nd Amendment folks could look for on leadership. It was Ross who helped legislate the Castle Doctrine. When the MERIDIAN STAR interviewed Bryant, he didn't even so much as mention guns (Check out for the details.).
4. Phil Bryant is no fiscal conservative. True, he voted against tax hikes when he was in the State House. But once he was State Auditor, he wasted money by not thoroughly watching over the $55 million Beef Plant (mooooo) fiasco. There were other instances of wasting the taxpayer's money I have written on my blog about Bryant.
5. When all five Rankin County Supervisors resigned in 1988 because of financial improprieties, Gov. Ray Mabus was forced to appoint five new Supervisors. Phil Bryant applied for the vacancy in District 2. A source told me back then Bryant wrote a letter to Mabus stating "that I have always been a Democrat" in the attempt to get the appointment. Indeed, in the runoff between Larry Swales (the winner) and Bryant for that Supervisor's seat, Bryant was considered the more liberal of the two candidates.
6. Bryant said it was a mistake for Republicans to not fully fund public education. While we conservatives believe in a strong public education, there is also a lot of fat in the budget (too many administrators). Would he cut the fat? Or would he raise taxes? I think he would do the latter.
7. Bryant believes in strong county government. But in his 1999 race for State Auditor, his Democratic opponent Rod Nixon attacked him for proposing some counties be abolished so government could be more efficient. Ross might want to ask Bryant what counties he would like to see abolished. If that were to happen, where would there be strong local control over their government if their county was abolished?

Phil Bryant is no conservative although he portrays himself as one in this race. Charlie Ross has been conservative from Day One in his political career. Ross has principles; Bryant is a political chameleon. Bryant would do or say anything to get elected.

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