Saturday, August 04, 2007

Phil Bryant--Is He Emotionally Mature to Be Elected Lt. Governor?

This coming Tuesday, GOP voters will have to decide whom they wish to nominate as Lt. Governor. Will they nominate a mature, honorable man such as Charlie Ross or an immature person such as Phil Bryant? There are many reasons, in my opinion, why Phil Bryant is not emotionally mature to be Lt. Governor. And here they are:

1. He has a red-hot, violent temper. Read my article on the way he ran the State Department of Audit. He trashed employees' coffee mugs, screamed at staffers and reduced many a clerk to tears from his outrages. He has had an 88% turnover in his office because of his violent temper.
2. He has an overly inflated ego. If you are going to run for office, you have to have an ego. That is expected. But Bryant has a gigantic ego. Back on October 13, 1989, I had lunch with Bryant. He told me "Destiny has called him" to run for office in 1991. He was undecided as to running for State Senator, State Representative or Sheriff. But he was going to run for something. After all, he must fulfill his "destiny."
3. He is vindictive. It is no secret Bryant and I don't care for one another. But in politics, you never mess with a private citizen's profession. Right after he became State Auditor, his office called one of my clients and asked her a lot of questions about my morals and character. She was shocked she was called and was surprised at the rude manner of the caller. I have no reason why his office called. I do know in the accounting profession you can lose your CPA license if "you commit acts discreditable to the profession." If he was looking for any scandal he didn't find any.
4. He is petty. Back on June 14, 1999, I told one of his Republican buddies I would vote for Democrat Rod Nixon over Bryant because Nixon was pro-life from the start and Bryant was pro-life only to get elected. His good buddy must have blabbed, because on June 16th I received a very nasty letter from Phil the Pill. In the fourth paragraph of the letter he wrote, "As a CPA, I am certain you realize the importance of gathering all the facts before issuing an opinion. To do less would be unprofessional and could result in material misrepresentation." The idiot didn't understand his friend. I did NOT SAY he was pro-abortion now. I said he STARTED his political career as pro-abortion. I knew he voted pro-life in the State House not because of conviction, but because he would never be elected in Mississippi as a pro-abort.
5. He is very thin-skinned. But here is my question. Why waste your time and effort to write a venomous letter to a private citizen because you were criticized? There is something grossly immature about such a person. If you are in politics, you'd better have a very thick political skin. As Harry Truman once said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
6. He has no firm political convictions, but is a political chameleon. When he wanted to be the interim Rankin County Supervisor in District 2 back in 1988, he wrote Gov. Ray Mabus stating "I have always been a Democrat." But he decided to run as a Republican for the post. He started out as being pro-abortion, but became pro-life only to save his political hide. He says to north Mississippi he's opposed to gambling, but goes to the Gulf Coast and says he supports it. He was gung-ho for the liberal Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi, but now says he was opposed to it. He's for strong local government, but proposed the ridiculous idea in his 1999 campaign to "abolish some counties." (Maybe he wants to combine Hinds County with Rankin County.) Believe me, if he was running for Lt. Governor of Vermont, he'd make Howard Dean look like ex-Sen. Jesse Helms.
7. He is a liar. He told me the day after he was elected to the State House in 1991 he would go all out to make certain I would get another term on the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee. He gave me his solemn word. He expressed his gratitude for the contributions the RCREC gave him in his close race to unseat an incumbent. In April 1992, he worked very hard to defeat me. I didn't mind being defeated; I mind being lied to.
8. Because he lives only for politics and nothing else, he is a poor manager. I have written extensively on how poorly the OAS has been run under his ten years. The office would be used as a political fiefdom rather than being an effective audit function of government. Don't take my word for it. Read more details on it on

If Bryant is elected, he will have to preside over 52 State Senators who have pretty good egos of their own. Do you think they are going to put up with his antics? What if he doesn't get his way? Is he going to blow his stack and yell at a State Senator or two? If he's as conservative as he alleges and will be a poodle to Haley, will he blow his stack at Senators who don't vote his way? What happens if a State Senator responds and gives Bryant a piece of his mind? Will Bryant go ballistic on him (or her)?

Charlie Ross has been a State Senator for ten years and has worked well with his colleagues. He has accomplished a lot for the conservative cause. He has the maturity and the intelligence to be an excellent Lt. Governor.


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Don't read if it bothers you.

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I get sick of John's blatant lies about Phil, a man i know and respect, just like I did Charlie until his rude attacks toward Phil.

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Then you should become enraged once Franks starts to wipe the floor with Bryant.